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funeral expenses

jaa12 started this conversation

My brother just recently passed away without any insurance and our family needs help paying for the funeral.

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my niece was 10years old and passed away sudinly on 4-23-2012 our family needs help paying for the funeral if you can help please call 231-884-7212 thank you
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please if u want to donate any thing please take it to clark&son funeral home we do need ur help on my father-in-law funeral and that"s my father-in-law
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hi my name is feefee and im asking all that can help me on my fathe-in-law funeal he was a loving caing man but just didnt have eought insurance for he's funeral we rasied all the money but 500.00 and it been over two weeks since my father-in-law passed so please if u can help with any thing it would be really helpful and thank u all my god bless u all
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